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    Adsdad Digital is a leading PPC agency in Delhi. Valuable conduction of services with exceptional customer vindication, Our PPC experts belongs to the best in the new era of the digital world with thriving results for any business.

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    Our PPC services help you to perform better in the advertising world. Our data collection, detailing, analysis, and transparency help to cover actionable insights.


    of PPC ad spend fails to produce a single conversion.

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    Our PPC expert in delhi will help you reach the right audience for each PPC Campaign and find an innovative way to connect you to them. Our PPC management services helped more than 250+ clients in 1000+ PPC Campaigns to scale up their leads and sales along with a decrease in their acquisition costs.

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    We drive measurable results and explained reporting, which are advanced as simple to analyze the growth in PPC Campaign.

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    Our PPC management company in delhi have PPC campaign experts who are perfectionists in the industry, well-versed in their work and have the best client service experience.

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    Questions to Ask When Hiring an PPC Agency

    What is PPC advertising?

    In the pay-per-click (PPC) paradigm of online advertising, a publisher is compensated each time an advertisement link is “clicked” on. PPC is also known as the cost-per-click (CPC) strategy. Search engines like Google and social media platforms are the main providers of the pay-per-click strategy. (e.g., Facebook). The most used PPC advertising are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads.

    How does PPC advertising work?

    Advertisers cannot merely pay more to guarantee that their ads show more prominently than their rivals on a search engine’s results page, also known as a SERP or Search Engine Results Page. Instead, Google and other major search engines use what is known as the “Ad Auction,” a completely automated process, to evaluate the relevance and legitimacy of advertisements that appear on their SERPs.

    What platforms offer PPC advertising?

    PPC advertisements are placed on each channel of SERP, and there are many applications where you can place your advisement by your desired audience. 

    So the leading platforms where you can use PPC advertising are Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter

    What are the benefits of PPC advertising?

    Here are some of the key advantages of PPC advertising, and all of them are great for your business.

    1. You set the maximum budget for your ads
    2. You only pay when someone clicks your ad
    3. You can compete even if your search engine rankings aren’t high
    4. You can easily test different ads
    5. You can gain more brand recognition
    6. You can launch a PPC advertising campaign in no time
    7. You can reach your ideal customers

    How much do PPC services cost in India?

    Every hit, view, or impression on your Google ads has a fee. It varies on the CPC; for example, if the average CPC for the keywords is 20, the cost of 10 clicks on Google ads will be Rs. 200

    With improved marketing management, 1500 clicks can result in many customers. For managing Ad campaigns, Adsdad provides reasonable monthly PPC pricing in India (Google/Facebook Ads Packages).

    Why Should I hire PPC Agency?

    Everyone has experienced the frustration of wanting to finish tasks or details but simply lacking the time.

    If you employ an internal marketing team, they must divide their time between your marketing platforms.

    It’s not that you shouldn’t perform campaign audits or test different ad variations to make your PPC campaign more effective. You must merely keep an eye on additional business-critical tasks.

    Agencies comprehend that. They are responsible for paying attention to the minute but crucial PPC specifics, so you don’t have to.

    The ability of an agency to continuously monitor and optimize your campaign based on performance data is a significant benefit of having them solely concentrated on your advertising accounts. If immediate outcomes are disappointing, consult your PPC expert.

    Why choose Adsdad Digital PPC services?

    As you have a crystal clear picture of your goals, expectations, and level of participation. So it’s time to start talking about what characteristics to look for. 

    Not all PPC agencies are equal. Some excel at specific advertising types, while others specialize in creating excellent customer experiences across every platform. 

    One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but it ultimately depends on what you’re looking for. 

    And for the best PPC advertising, Adsdad is budget-friendly, and with the guidance of our experts, we have it all, so you will get each service in one plate, from copywriting to videography, from Advertisement to marketing. 

    Let’s not wait for more and get in touch with us!

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